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More details about seat occupancy sensors

When the airbag warning SRS light comes on in your Mercedes Benz, Mazda, BMW, Fiat etc. probably it is due to the passenger occupancy seat sensor failure. Failure in seat sensor has become a recurring problem in almost all cars. This means that there is a safety issue as the sensors are not functioning to full capacity. It will need to be replaced. We offer the replacement  emulator-tester to bypass WSS occupancy mat passenger weigh OC3 airbag
system in BMW Mercedes Benz, Fiat and Mazda. This devices is perfect solution if you are preparing to install aftermarket sport seats and prepare your vehicle for a race track

Most vehicles are fitted with a mat that is placed in the bmw-seat-occupancy-sensor-tear-down passenger seat. The mat works
like a sensor that detects if the airbag needs to be activated in case there is a collision. However, it has been noticed that the seat occupancy sensors failure rate is very high. A number of cars have been recalled because of failing passenger occupancy sensors. Factory replacements are very pricey or even not available for older models. Furthermore seat needs to be tear apart to replace it.  Our bypass sensor emulators works to immediately recognize passenger seat as occupied.

Since safety is a priority, passenger occupancy seat sensor failure can be termed as hazardous when it does not recognize the need to deploy the airbags.

If the SRS or Airbag light is blinking or stays on then it means that the vehicle safety is questionable. Abnormal behavior in the airbag lights could mean that the system is faulty and the passengers could be at risk. Installing a  bypass WSS for cars like the BMW Mercedes Benz Fiat Mazda does not take long, typically just a few minutes.